Analytics for Home Health Agency (HHA) Leadership Teams & Board Members

Whether you are preparing for a board meeting or looking for competitive data intelligence on the home health agencies in your area, we provide a consultative approach to understand which datasets are most beneficial in achieving your business objectives.  

Home Health Agency (HHA) Medicare Beneficiary & Visit Type Analyses


Learn how experienced your staff is compared to other local Home Health Agencies by the number and types of visits provided to Medicare beneficiaries.  

Explore the staffing costs, visit types, number of beneficiaries, and more by: Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Medical Social Services, and Home Health Aide Visits.  

Home Health Value Based Purchasing (HHVBP) Program & Quality Measure Analyses

Whether you are in a state participating in the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) program, or are interested in a comprehensive comparison of quality measure performances, we provide transparent and actionable analyses for your Home Health Agency Leaders.  

Home Health Agency Balance Sheet & Income Statement Comparisons

Find out how your balance sheet compares to other local Home Health Agencies by:

  • Total Patient Revenues
  • Contractual Allowances and Discounts
  • Net Patient Revenues
  • Total Operating Expenses
  • Net Income from Service to Patients
  • Net Income (or loss) for the Period (FY20XX)

Home Health Agency Medicare Beneficiary Referral Sources

Find out which Home Health Agencies in your area receive the most Medicare beneficiaries referrals, and how many, from your local providers..

  • Total number of unique HHA Medicare beneficiaries with a claim-based shared patient pattern with another provider within 30 days.
  • Whether you out-perform the competition in Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary (MSPB) or CMS Quality Measure Performance, understanding who is certifying Home Health beneficiaries in your area is essential for any HHA.  

Custom Analytics for Home Health Agency Leaders

Helping Home Health Agency leaders uncover and transform big health datasets into actionable information is one of our passions.

Navigating the vast amount of data can be overwhelming for even the most experienced executives.  Whether you are just interested in better understanding the datasets available, or if there is a major data project that needs expert oversight, let's get in touch to understand how we can help.

Our areas of expertise reach far beyond providing exceptional information to hospital, nursing home, and home health agency leaders.

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