Analytics for Hospital Leadership & Case Management Teams

Whether you are preparing for a board meeting or interested in understanding the differences in your post-discharge Medicare Spend Per Beneficiary (MSPB) 30-Day Index Period by nursing home or home health agency, our consultative approach helps identify which datasets are most beneficial to supporting your hospital's business objectives.  

Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (HVBP) and Medicare Spend Per Beneficiary (MSPB) Analyses


Improving Medicare Spend Per Beneficiary (MSPB) rates for the 30-Day Post-Discharge Index Period and helping Medicare beneficiaries find the best level of care for their needs are not mutually exclusive objectives.  

Discover the details of nursing homes, home health agencies, and dialysis facilities in order to better help families make informed decisions when selecting a post-discharge Medicare provider.  

Nursing Home Guides (in PDF file format) - Customized by Medicare Beneficiary locations, CMS Ratings, Average Lengths of Stay, and Average Rates Per Day

Empower families with informative nursing home options, tailored to your Hospital's Medicare Beneficiary locations. 

Receive customized guides for each of your hospital's primary Medicare beneficiary service areas (City, County, or Custom).  Each handout displays the information for the nursing homes in the area, and can be sorted by:

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Name
  • Medicare Nursing Home Compare Overall Star Rating
  • Average Length of Stay (Medicare Beneficiaries)
  • Average Rate Per Day (Medicare Beneficiaries)

All nursing home data is obtained directly from the US Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Hospital 30-Day Post-Discharge Index Period Referral Patterns

Find out which nursing homes in your area receive the most Medicare beneficiaries referrals, and how many, from which hospitals.

  • Total number of unique SNF Medicare beneficiaries with a claim-based shared patient pattern with the hospital within 30 days.  
  • You choose the hospitals you want included in your report, and we provide you with the actionable information to understand how you compare with other hospitals.  
  • Whether you are interested in nursing homes who out-perform in Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary (MSPB) or CMS Quality Measure Performance, learn the Medicare beneficiary volumes and quality measure performances for nursing homes in your area.

Custom Hospital Analytics

Helping hospital leaders uncover and transform big health datasets into actionable information is one of our passions.

Navigating the vast amount of data can be overwhelming for even the most experienced executives.  Whether you are just interested in better understanding the datasets available, or if there is a major data project that needs expert oversight, let's get in touch to understand how we can help.

Our areas of expertise reach far beyond providing exceptional information to hospital, nursing home, and home health agency leaders.

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